It's Like That

This special time, of year for me
Is a open heart, love that's free
To smile at others, to smile back
Means so much, it's like that

People rushing, here and there
Holding gifts, showing care
Saying hello, it's like that
A lovely season, for a reason

Singing songs, joy and laughter
Being happy, for ever after
Lights and parties, always fun
It's like that, it's the one

Lot's of snow, others no
It's that like, that I know
Tis' the season, to be jolly
It's his birthday, break out the holly

Peace on earth, lets all pray
It's like that, be that way
Come together, holding hands
This time of year, for one man.

DM copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this time of year, with friends and family, its so dear, Im sincere..

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