Moving On

When you were here, I loved it, no fear
The time that we spent, was heaven sent
Where did you go, and why may I ask
Everything was fine, we never did clash

I always wondered, this was so good
You were so beautiful, I understood
When together, here where ever
It turned out nice, it was so right

Remember that time, there in the city
We rendezvous, the hold time to
How we laughed, and let it go
Back at the room, we made loved slow

I can’t move on, you’re on my mind
What we talked about, all the time
What happened, confused tired afraid
Now at home, all alone

Thinking the days, I saw you smile
Running to me, it was wild
I can’t forget that, such happy times
Now you’re gone, you’re on my mind

I’ll do what I must, forget you I’ll try
A smile today, I came alive
Moves were soft, lovely for sure
A smile like your, I loved your curves

A beautiful day, sunny and bright
I see you coming, into my site
A nice hello, I let go
Your sweet smile, I was in oh

What’s your name, was my game
How she turned, what she became
Not looking back, you I could see
Let’s get together, be happy and free

Loving we did, doing our best
Giving it all, was never a test
Living we had, doing it all
Day and night, we had a ball

Continued our life's, became my wife
The love that we shared, none was compared
Now here today, we love and play
We moved on together, I want you forever

DM copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In my dream, is where I saw you..

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