Because of You

Because of you, I smile true
It’s your look, which I’m hooked
All the style, you show and more
Because of you, that’s for sure

All your softness that you bring
Like Summer Fall Winter Spring
How you care, love you share
That and more, I so adore

When you walk, you glide with grace
A quiet move, no mistake
Looking down, or up to see
There’s only beauty, which you leave

To feel or touch, make it real
A fairy tale, one day I shall
Be beside you, warm my hand
Taking you, all I can

Take me away, let me wander
Beside you always, my heart ponders
Because of you, I feel it’s true
All the little things, which you do

Sunshine you bring, birds all sing
They fly your way, everyday
You dance and play, make life gay
Because of you, love follows too

Light you bring, to the dark
What a site, only life
All you are, like a star
Because of you, I smile true

DM copyright 2012

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