A twisted evening, not the same
People running around, playing funny games
Kind of spooky, scary I say
It’s at night time, OK in the day

Hearing laughter, also cry’s
What’s that noise I hear, and why
Was it a scream, someone being mean
Gives me a chill, just hearing at will

What’s that in the shadows, making a move
Dragging around, a body or two
Hear those sounds, I don’t like I found
It’s just all creepy, I’m feeling sleepy

The moon is full, lights up the sky
The tree shadows are moving, I don’t know why
It’s comes this time of year, ever since I was young
They call it Halloween, jack-o- lantern fun

Full of Boo’s, ghost that do
Black cats and witches, Frankenstein’s to
Trick or treat, I heard someone say
Wanting some candy, taking at bay

This time of year, it’s crazy, it’s fear
It’s full of darkness, demons sincere
Just stay inside, I plan to hide
Who’s knocking at my door, go away I say

DM copyright 2012

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