Faith and Trust

What about faith, how about trust
Let’s think about both, is that enough
Do you feel it, are you real
Trust yourself, are you someone else
Have the faith, to do right
To keep strong, hold on tight
It’s through words, which we say
Are you up, night and day

Faith and trust, is the case
Climb on board, make no mistake..
Can you do it, do you have it
Keep it together, like a habit
Don’t you worry, just believe
Faith and trust, is all you need
Thinking of you, that I do
With faith and trust, we’ll see it through

Be who you are, it’s OK
With faith and trust, go all the way
No one’s perfect, that’s for sure
Keep your faith, it can cure
Trust your heart, which you feel
Faith and trust, is a big deal

DM copyright 2012

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