The light we share, that we see
It shines for you, also me.
That’s puts a smile, on our face
How it covers, we discover.
Rays, so happy, good it feels
It’s all goodness, it’s his will
The warm and comfort, that it brings
We feel secure, our hearts sing.

This love of life, is the best
It’s his way, so we rest
Holding on, to what we have
A lot, a little, just be glad
This time we share, love and care
Give all you can, life’s so grand
Help thy brother, sister to
Love each other, like you do

In this world, it’s you and I
To do our best, stay alive
Bring love through, we can do
Help those in need, plant a seed
Nurture, water, just give love
With his hand, a sign above
Blessings received, for you and me
Is bright light that shines, we need.

DM copyright 2012

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