Love Affair

When I saw you, I had to have you
The look in your eye, I couldn't resist, why
Your hair, eyes, skin so fair, I had to have you, there
You saw me coming, that I know, reaching for your hand
You were a glow. Just the way you looked at me, all I wanted
Was you, you see. You took my hand, lead me there. In the back room
A love affair. mmmm so nice, was sugar and spice. It happen so fast, you
Were a blast. Sweet as can be, That I could see. A love affair was meant
To be. Before I knew, what happen to me. Both of us, were setting free.
I couldn't believe the time flew by, I tried to stay longer, I was so high.
I looked at you, you started to laugh. I held you close, your kiss the most
How I wanted, you to host. I just stood there, grinning most
Your lovely body, we both were naughty. Fun and fast
That was the cast. I went to reel, in my catch
I wanted you, in my net. I couldn't hold on
You slipped away. You were so lovely
My catch of the day. ooh, oh well

Then you walked away, nothing to say, love affair, was the day.

dm copyright 2012

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