Waiting You

How I wait you, ready intense
Thinking of you, my intent
In my mind, I picture you
All your beauty, what you do

It’s your moves, I can’t wait
All you do, there’s no mistake
Just to see you, hear your voice
I burn inside, I have no choice

Anticipation, builds inside
Waiting you, it’s the ride
Just the feeling, I stay high
Us together, I’m alive

Every sound, that I hear
I think it’s her, here to do
At the door, knock the sound
So excited, running around

Door swings back, what I see
You standing there, looking at me
Ooh, the beauty, I’m so pleases
All of you, sets me at ease

First things first, is the kiss
How we do it, it is bliss
Hold on tight, both we do
Pulled together, me and you

What’s in store, ready to soar
She takes me there, all my core
Lights are dimed, way down low
Both are ready, to let go

The door is closed, we’re alone
Words are few, that is known
What is wanted, what is given
Satisfaction, is un prison

dm copyright 2012

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