Think of you

As I stumble,
through this life,
How I wanted,
you as wife.
To love and hold
along the way.
To have you with me,
every day.
To see your beauty,
smile too.
Watch you do,
the things you do.
The smile you bring,
my heart sings.
Like the pictures,
that you sent.
Words you say,
what they meant.
Make me smile,
day to day.
Your flowing hair,
skin so fair.
Every move,
I love true.
It’s your love,
my heart will holds.
Never wanting,
to let go.
Feelings true,
always new.
In my mind,
is always you.
How life changes,
people do to.
All I do,
is think of you.
I’m OK,
I’ll make it through.
Cause every day,
I think of you.

Dm copyright 2012

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