How I feel, laughing still..its always good, its understood..
The magic feeling, always there..touching your hair, you show with care..
Specials moments, lasting long..singing out, our hearts strong..
How we make it, day and night..sharing love, makes it right..

Your look softness, on your skin..touching finger tips, pressure sent..
Passion sounds, climbing higher..letting go, all desire..
Kiss me, hold it, tasting you.. always more, I want to do..
Tender touches, all around..bodies thrusting, casting sounds..

Endless moments, from the soul ..completes the mind, bold is goal..
Never ending, how love rolls..it keeps turning, we keep yearning..
Both as one, sealed tight delights..light reflecting, motion sites..
Constant wanting, you I feel..it's who you are, it's my will..

All of you, there for me..both together, completely pleased..
Acts accepted, complete the facts..it's true feelings, with no mask..
Love the one, that's there for you..whats inside, is what you do..
Hold on tight, your feelings know..follow them, letting go..

dm 6/28/2012

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