The Second Time..

The second time..disaray..I cant believe it.. but it's OK..
Life got air..your share..
What is it..inside you..let it's over..I made it, so..
Forward on..not looking back..she got what she wanted..and a sack.

Im not like what was said..twenty years later..alive not dead..
Already better..that I feel..I still got is real..
All that time..passed so fast..I had was a blast..
These later times..swingin, sayin..keep lovin and playin..singin and prayin..

The second time.. it's like that..suck it up..thats a fact..
Take it slow..let it go..give your all..that I know..
Whats up next..time is short..make it long..bang a gon..
This is it..look and see..reality check..the mirror, please..

Take a deep breathe..let it go slow..take her hand..make it so..
This is it is..being together..a human beings..
Relax and so..form a goes on..that I know..
The second time..Im fine..keep it going..always flowing..

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