Spring is You..

Spring is you..this is true..this time of year..when I met you..
You were there..I was here..you shouted out..that was dear..
Hey you said..I’m here now..I’m on my way..you made my day..
When I had you..close to me..things were different..I could see..

At this time..spring was here..always fun..yes, get some..
In the sun..here or there..there was always laughter..in the air..
Yes, no cares..here or there..it’s just you..the things you do..
Always nice and so kind..always together..you, I find..

The way you move..lit’ things you do..always happy..inside to..
Yes, no drama..none of that..only love..that was that..
How we talked..the way you walked..there, so nice..it’s always twice..
That I feel..that is real..it’s the best..I must confess..

At this time..spring was here..like a flower..you bloom, dear..
What you say..how you do..true, I listen..I do for you..
Driver, yes..I used to be..I still drive..that I see..
Here and there..am not square..anywhere..you say, is fair..

Thanks, I say..cause you’re that way..this I’ve learned..from you, it’s true..
Always kind..gentle sweet..this to, is you..I see that too..
Special people come and go..throughout our life time..this is so..
Ones, so dear..that bring love..also happiness..just because..

This one’s for you..I mean it too..for all the good times..for the things you do..
It’s what others..say about you..for it is so..from the heart I know..
Make them happy..like you do..they feel your smile..that is real..
You help all..is that your call..this I feel..cause you’re a thrill..

At this time..spring is here..a beautiful time..for new to shine..
Thanks again..for being a friend..from the beginning..to the end..
For these words..I say to you..from my heart..it’s all true..
Lovely as a spring time day..always love..it’s just this way..

Spring is here..you are to..it’s all good..like it should..
Lovely as a Spring time day..that is you..all the way..
Like the honey..for the bee..you’re a flower..lovely to see..
Bringing, sunshine..everyday..for those around you..you are that way..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the heart..this is true..what I think..it's all about you..

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