Just A Feeling..

There You are..standing still..in the moon light..what a thrill..
It’s your shape..your body talks..as you move..when you walk..
Your hair flowing..down it seems..ooh so lovely..you my dream..
The soft shadows..from the moon..how I need you..it’s so true..

Just to touch you..feel you close..is how I want you..let me host..
Fill you up..with true love..just letting go..from above..
Having you..all the way..you my darling..sweet, I say..
All of you..I have to have..you I love..makes me glad..

To see you smile..so happy to..let me take you..like I do..
To hear you breathe..feel your breath..your smooth lips..on my chest..
Pulling you..into me..holding tight..that I see..
Yes, so warm..that you are..this I love..just because..

It’s the women..that you are..that I want..to take far..
All of life..here in us..giving both..not just lust..
It’s the passion..and desire..how we are..both on fire..
Burning souls..wanting more..that we give..from our core..

Taking you..under the stars..both in motion..like the ocean..
Little words..none are said..loving kisses..just instead..
Bodies talking..both as one..come together..here forever..
Never leaving..what we share..total love..that we care..

Heated sweat..running down..in between us..to the ground..
Can’t get enough..how we feel..sealed up tight..it’s so real..
Pulling, pushing..as we go..fast and slow..love we know..
To the limit..wanting more..digging deep..inside our cores..

To that moment..that we feel..as we climax..it’s so real..
Give each other..all the love..from within..again and again..
At that time..we feel so fine..release each other..both together..
All the beauty..that we show..with each other..letting go..

Watching you..you watch me..all this passion..we set free..
Is so real..as love spills..what we feel..sends a chill..
Through our bodies..oh so hot..never ending..not to stop..
Just the feeling..that we love..love each other..like no other..

dm 3/5/2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is life..this is now..

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