Now It’s Time..

Now It’s Time..

Now it’s do those things..that make you smile..let you sing..
For the goodness..that we feel..don’t hold back..let it spill..
That makes you, alive..that keeps you going..keeps you high..
Now it’s your it all..let life ring..

With Joy and laughter..that and more..give it all..let it pour..
For life is it that way..
Do your you do..keep it going..learning to..
That is something..that is in learning..the whole way through..

Now it’s time..step up and’ll truly shine..
Be that sunshine..ray of light..keep it shinning..through this life..
Shine it here..over there..shine it bright..everywhere..
If we all..took the be a ray..of bright sunshine..

No better the can be it..look and see it..
Now it’s a that leader..take that chance..
For the can be..just stand up..we will see..
You the beacon..that you the stars..there afar..

Looking up..there you see..there always there..just be aware..
Now it’s time..get it the the one..
Here to you that gift..go and lift..
Be the make it fun..always, don’t run..

Now it’s time..make it will see..we’ll be clapping..
And feel good..that you it’s your will..
Life is it should..when you shine..that I find..
Now It’s time..that you feel..what you feel..that is real..

So, just go..take it just that kind..
Or just woe..that is so..just forget it..let it go..
This I know..that is is light..keep it bright..
Now it’s time..this I find..with this rhyme..keep in mind..

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Written: 1/31/2012

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