The Pace..

This fast pace..we call life..we just run..don’t think twice..
We keep going..going, to the end..let’s slow down..drop back, my friend..
With each our side..we hold tight..stay alive..
Working, we have, it’s so..

This is is’s so true..
Staying together..with one’s you this day..its hard I say..
Life, along the road we many turns..that we bear..
In and and we change..that I know..

It’s you there..I am here..waiting you..something new..
Come we’s the shows, it’s true..
It’s the world..we live a pace..that is wow..
Do you stop..take a breath..or keep going..not over yet..

This we do..stay in the groove..wanting’s in the news..
Telling us..all the new..plain and’s always blue..
Holding on, to what we share..what is that..its only air..
Just stay fair..that we do..looking at that you..

This fast pace..we live your thing..take a ring..
Wait a minute..for that ride..when you do..stay alive..
Take a breath..long and slow..just keep moving..that I know..
In the this place..make it a face..

A concern..we all have..will it last..just be glad..
You are the race..don’t let up..keep the pace..
Live the race..that we do..keep that fix..with the mix..
Keep it going..always showing..what you the kid..

That at you what you like..all that too..
At this pace..that we live..don’t always give..
Take a second..minute to..maybe a hour..whatever, do..
All you and how..what your pace..anyhow..

At the end..we sit and spend..watching you..young again..
At your the race..what’s your the case..
How life changes..all the time..hang on tight..not always kind..
But just you the you know how..’s this way..suck it fine, OK..
Do the like to’s a follow through..
This is life..who you are..just keep the stars..
Remember one thing..let it’s your pace..sets, how you swing..

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Written: 11/8/2011

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