Love Fulfilled..

When I saw you standing there, it was your glow..was so fair..
The way you looked..what I had me moving..ooh, in ha..
How I wanted..all of were a dream..dream come true..
Then you smiled..there at me..heart was pumping..big, u see..

Wanting I do..then your way..headed too..
There with to your eyes..I could see..
What you wanted..I did to..all of me..I wanted you..
Warm and soft..were your hands..holding, nice, so kind..

As we walked..arm in arm..touching, feelings..was a charm..
Laughing there..face to face..holding tight..was so right..
There below..the pine and calling out..all, no doubt..
Moving bodies into one..the kiss of passion..was undone..

Pulling, pushing..sounds of lust..roaming hands..can't get enough..
Touching you..I could was right..for love to seal..
How you was you took me..more than some..
As I filled you..up with me..Yes, you said..that and more..

Love was pouring..from our core..sounds delights..climbing higher..

Holding, pressing..hearts on fire..bodies moving..sounds were cast..

Opened moon light..ooh, so right..the scent of night..

How we made the was strong..that we shared..

Warm inside..we both was right..what a thrill..
Kissing, mulling..there each was forever..

Love was once..twice was all..was the call..

How I so bad..bliss was was had..

The wonder, of the love you no you covered..

Took me real..there and beyond..night was fulfilled..

Holding on..each other we had..we moved along..hearts were songs..

Free, to be..who we was right..we took it far..

All of life..let love live..give it, take it is..

Share the fun..we are givin..true to for living..

Live in love..and for love..take it all..just because..

True hearts as one..having fun..ment to will be done..

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