Loving Life..

Friday night..kickin back..chillin tight..all is right..
For you friend..this I send..you're on my mind..how I find..
Through true friendship..we're not alone..with all the smiles..that is shown..
And no matter..place or time..your always there..always kind..

When I see you..I feel find..a grin I get..for you, that's mine..
It's from happiness..in my heart..I feel it beating..you kick start..
True feelings..like we know..it's all blessings..let it show..
I like how it feels..like a song..on the radio..sing along..

Loving life..is so right..there's no time..to fuss and fight..
But hold tight..what you have..deep inside..you feel it's right, right..
Having fun..here with you..my true friend..for you I do..
Shout this out..for you to know..thanks so much..I love you so..

Laying low..just want to show..it's so good..letting go..
Knowing you..are there for me..feeling you..I can see..
This new year..starting off..right for me..is you, you see..
Friends will come..and go, you know..but the true ones..will never go..

But, just hang..with you they do..no matter what..you go through..
A special friend..someone true..they got your back..and always do..
No matter what..thick or thin..good or bad..their always in..
I'm starting off..this new year..with alots more love..for family and friends here..

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