Old Time Rock and Roll..

Opened was ( Coldplay )..for the night..the sound of country rock..out of sight..
They get it on..with their songs..keeping it bright..country boy right..
Jam they did..ripped it to..got down on it..like they do..
They introduced, Bob Seger and theSilver Bullet Band..we made some noise..clapped our hands..
Just want to say..Bob Seger, today..got it going on..Rock and Roll strong..
All the oldies..that he played..was the best songs..I must say..
He worked the stage..the band was rage..Silver Bullet..all the way..
We danced the whole show..the sound was gold..a Rock and Roll..overload..
Song after song..the beat was on..Bob Seger, the rocker..gets it on..
The true poet..that he is..lefts the spirit..again and again..
The music flowed..kicked ass, I know..through his albums..letting go..
Oldies but goodies..Rock and Roll played..the band was tight..all the way..
Coming back three times..like he did..blew us all away..great show I say..
Don't miss out..hey, just go..Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band..rocks it so..

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