Needing You..

You my lovely you the hour..
How I need you..feel you so..deep in’re part my soul..
You my my arms..feeling you..I have to do..
How I love you..more each love’s that way..

When I have with true feelings..are set free..
Now I need you..want you so..the way you love me..this I know..
It’s like sunshine..that you my it sings..
You my the keep me, so high..

You my making like a ring..
Round and round..we always go..never stopping..letting go..
The way you glow..this I’s all love..that you show..
How you love return..yearning for you..I just burn..

Through our life by day..time is passing..slipping away..
With each other..side by side..hold on tight..keep love alive..
Take that will shine..that is love..that I fine..
Love is tender..always each other..all the time..

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