What you wanted..

I see you..in front of me..my blood turns over..I can’t get closer..
How you want me..I want to say..you stand me up..for your play..
Just excited..holding back..juices flow..ooze, exact..
Watching you..like I do..how you move..I’m into..

Your skin, tan..soft like silk..I touch and feel..your love milk..
Deep from within..you share to me..all of your soul..I love to see..
Your lips open..moist, by tongue..how you run it..around, then some..
What you wanted..is what you got..naked body’s..both so hot..

The passion, heat..roaming hands..rubbing and feeling..there I stand..
Pulling and pushing..out of control..you wanting more..my body knows..
I can feel it..the rush inside..you move down..your hands glide..
Taking control..what you want..never stopping..not even once..

Taking it slow..getting me wet..watching you there..deeper you get..
You take what you want..knowing that to..you gobbles me up..fondling, ‘Ooo’
All up and down..hearing your sounds..you hold me up straight..licks, all around..
Like in a frenzy..the state your in..you hepatize me..you just grin..

My mind falls back..body rushing hard..not missing a beat..your strokes complete..
Your calling sounds..wanting me bad..not letting up..gulping was had..
Watching you play..you take it your way..our eyes meet..you’re into me deep..
Calling and calling..you continue with me..feeling such pleasure..you want me freed..

Hearing the sounds..you hunger, to feed..taking it all..filling your need..
Deep in a state..in front of me..it is your will..lips tight I see..
Building up speed..you wanting my seed..I guarantee..oh yes, indeed..
Feeling my body..you forcing my will..deep down inside..warm love here to spill..

Both bodies intense..losing my hold..you giving your all..your hunger, is bold..
Release, I did..moan was heard..satisfaction achieved..your action so good..
You carried on..like wanting more..I didn’t let up..just continued to pour..
The milking went on..feeling you strong..craving was seen..throughout the whole scene..

Just what you wanted..this what you got..filling you up..it hit the spot..
The smile you gave..your craving behaved..feeling you hot..you getting me off..
All satisfied..you kept me high..not missing a drop..just licking me off..
All of your needs..fulfilled you were pleased..deep down inside me..thrilled, as could be..

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