In My Mind..

I see you's your look..soft and lovely..Im so hooked..
It's your your eyes..its your lips..I feel high..
Soft brown skin..I want light you up..lets begin..
I can't I tried..just seeing and by..

I go to you..everytime..its your beauty..that I fine..
How I have you..this I see..dreaming of and me..
I want to quit you..but I can't..seeing a glance..
Put me back..I just cast..going for you..that's my task..

It's what you say..goes round and my mine..that I find..
Only you..can do this..take me there..into bliss..
What you say to..being to you..
In my I feel..wanting tough and seal..

Ringing my mine..there you are..everytime..
Just to hear you..what you say..makes my month..year or day..
When you sound out..from heart and soul..feeling you..this I know..
Wanting you..all the way..come by say hi..come lets play..

Going all the way..with you..deep in me..I feel you too..
Waiting, watching..just for you..I just pace..I must state..
For that time..or that give me..let me see..
Day by day..keeps growing stronger..I can't wait..any longer..

This I know..I feel it so..wanting I do..
Your there quiet..tenderly..soft and can be..
Yes, I feel I my's you I find..
When you do..send words to..thinking of's all true..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's true. When I see you, it's for real. To me your are, a bright star. Wishing you, peace, love, and happiness always.

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