As Good as It Get..

As I my I look..what I fine..
Inside me..warm to be..there for you..all I see..
Always giving..that and's who I am..thats for sure..
Wanting more..that I think..but truely here..I just drink..

Not to change..who I am..just do I should..
And I do..yes, get through..looking at I do..
Though the years..working hard..all my days..are like stars..
Far away..shinning bright..Im just the light..

Taking day alone..what do I want..its at home..
Here I am..with one you no other..
This is it this time..yes, Im fine..
Deep inside..there's a space..for take that place..

I don't worry..not at all..there is time..for me to fall..
Yes, I go slow..that I this time..this I show..
I must hold it..all together..and I will..forget the weather..
This is is today..this my's OK..

Life goes on..that's for sure..with or with out you..there's no cure..
Just keep you the love..give it too..
As life passes..swiftly're on my mind..all the time..
For one will and I..this I see..

This I's just this way..what you will be..
What you wish for..will come true..if you want it..its there for you..
As I go..for now, it's this what you like..
Go the distant..Don't hold back..get it all..stand up tall..

Just give and give..all you will come back..twice again..
Sitting here..I'm sincere..deep inside..there is no fear..
For at this time..this I my mind..there is kind..
All around us..everywhere..accept your life..the fruit we bare..

Keep it moving..hold it strong..make it's not wrong..
Stay up high..all the way..take the high road..night and day..
You can do it..I did to..all togther..we'll make it through..
Shouting I sit..thinking of as good as it gets..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's that kind of Sunday..chillin I do..sitting here thinking of you..its true..

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