What a Groove

As we wait..at the gate..watching you..that I do..
You there standing..all alone..in my mind..you I find..
Wanting more..feeling you..in my core..I soar..
What I see..I believe..needing you..I do agree..

As you move..just a lit'..what a groove..Im into..
Watching you..what you do..you see me..I know you do..
Little moves..that you make..all your beauty..no mistake..
Deep in me..you I feel..in my mind..what a thrill..

You look up..right at me..its your smile..that I see..
I smile back..eye to eye..what a feeling..dizzy high, alive..
You touch your hair..pull it to..watching you..I still do..
I start my move..straight to you..slow, I go..this I know..

Your eyes watch me..every move..getting closer..to your groove..
You're so beautiful..shinning there..in the sunlight..I stare..
Getting close..my heart pumps..beating faster..thats so true..
You smile fine..so devine..Hi, there..you're my kind..

Its small talk..that we do..both we smile..it's so new..
Standing there..next to you..I can't believe..a dream come true..
Is what you are..sweet by far..how you look..has me hooked..
Can I ask your name..she says the same..both together..what a game..

Now, I aim..move in close..in her eyes..its the most..
Nothing said..a quiet still..we both feel..as we seal..
With a kiss..delicious to..tasting love..romance true..
We walk away..from there, today..hand in hand..tight I say..

Love at a glance..can be romance..from the heart..where love starts..
It's all fine..not for all..but for thoses..it can be told..
When you see..the one you love..don't hold back..it's from above..
You don't find love..it finds you..hold it tight..when you do..

Make it right..all the way..day and night..have fun, play..
Be together..be as one..whatever for you..get it done..
Love is happiness..free for all..when you fall..thats your call..
Give your best..when you do..that's the time..make love true..


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