Giving All..

Giving what we to give it..that’s up to you..
How you feel..when you seal..with each other..that is real..
Taking all..tender you go..
With each other..holding as’s a song..

This we is true..when together..always new..
At that time..we are all..that is kind..
The sweet love..that we so good..that we bare..
In your your’s your look..makes us bold..

Giving this true happiness..I must say..
Holding tight..caring touches..feel each no other..
As we and out..with our bodies..shouting out..
Wanting more..from our that point..that we soar..

It’s this way..everyday..what we we play..
So, we move..carry on..don’t let up..right or wrong..
For its love..that we have..for each no other..
Makes it all..that we can..makes life grand..

All the words..that we that moment..night or day..
How love runs..from each we we cover..
Giving all..that we true love..where love stands..
Being close..side by side..or away..I must say..

Love for’s meant to be..with set free..
Giving all..that you a women..or a man..
Letting go..of your soul..fine that oh..
Yes, it’s should be..with each other..take the lead..

Without love..what’s for us..that were made..about trust..
Just all..for each’s forever..
That we live..that we share..bare your you care..
For it’s love..that we live..who we are..near or far..

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