Late Night..

Late at night..when it’s still..I think of you..and my will..
How I want you..all the way..hold you close..let me say..
Just how lovely..all of you..How I get to you..
Take my time..take you slow..feel your body..touch your soul..

Arms around you..hold you tight..not let go..make it right..
Touching I do..feel you tender..make you surrender..
All your my hands..feeling the man..
Rubbing you..up and down..all your softness..I have found..

Just don’t fight it..let it go..just it so..
Ooh, so I make me move..set me free..
Your body hot..I’m a knot..once you feel won’t stop..
Kiss you tender..on your neck..just the taste..make no haste..

The way you move..there for on down..I will please..
Kiss on your breast..pull you close..I won’t rest..
Pull you’s not a sin..just loving you..more and then..
To the your back..feel my’s a fact..

Kiss your lips..soft and smooth..I just I ooze..
To the chair..take you there..lay you back..if I dare..
Feeling you..rub you to..loving I do..
I will feel you..up and more..kiss your will soar..

Take you there..all the way..have you’s OK..
I will feel you..touch you let you do..
In your eye..I will your soul..set you free..
How you want you do..give my all..inside of you..

Late at you down..all the way..solid round..
Give you all..of me you see..have your love..all over me..
All the way..we will go..keep you going..that I know..
I will love I do..fill you up..till your full..

Love you tender..all over’re so delicious..that is true..
Kissing I do..take you just flow..
You in where I go..I won’t stop..this I know..
Let you guide me..all the way..have you open..till you say..

Give you all..of me, you will take set free..
Love so a the ocean..both in motion..
All of you..all of so good..we will feed..
On each we do..not let up..until we’ll through..

Love and my way..I love your beauty..I must say..
Late at night..when you call..I’ll come over..for a ball..
Love you down..all the way..make you smile..till it’s day..
Show you love..let it be..take all of set free..

DM 10/13/11

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