Little Moments..

How I have you..on my’re always there..this I find..
Your soft touch..miss so much..that I like..can’t get enough..
The way you smile..turns on the lift me up..high, so bright..
When I see you..watching to..all your moves..that you do..

The little things..this I mean..what you is you..
When you name, the sound..that you need me..this I found..
The way you do you make it love you..
I hold you close..near to me..when you look up..your eyes I see..

The love you my it’s the start..
Being together..everyday..showing love..everyway..
Loving, feeling..touching to..these three to do..
In your eyes..that’s the place..tasting your lips..I don’t waste..

Being together..close you’s your heat..that pleases me..
The way you want me..what you together..warms the day..
Part of life..the way it is..both as one..having fun..
This is it..yes, so’s the best..of life, so do..

Going slow..all the way..taking time..feeling fine..
Feeling you..the way I so lovely..through and through..
Holding the night..daytime to..breaking through..
Life is’re so fine..the way you love me..all the time..

This is should be..together always..setting free..
Being to..all you you do..
This is’s meant to be..inside each other..completely..
Take the hand..the one you as one..hand in glove..

Call it what you’s the’s the thrill..
Loving loving’s so good..let it be..
Stay together..all the way..just keep going..have fun, play..
This is can see..with each other..that’s the key..

The little our life..don’t take for it twice..
Take the’s the kind..of life that’s fine..shine..
Hold out your hand..lead and stand..make it you can..
Live and it true..always have fun..bring laughter too..

DM poem 10/10/2011

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