A Special Kiss..

A Special Kiss..

A special kiss..soft and true..to touch your lips..so, sweet too..
To feel your breath..into mine..that warm feeling..is so find..
It's so special..feel you here..hold me close..will you, dear..

A certain feeling..through my vains..wanting more..again and again..
With eyes closed..in my mind..dreaming of you..this I find..
How I whisper..on your lips..I love you..just like this ..

It's the passion..that I feel..the true love..that is real..
That special kiss..that you give..you leave me..ooh, so pleased..
Come to me..never leave..all of you..I will feed..

Close your eyes..you dream to..all of it..in your kiss..
When we touch..there together..it's that kiss..forever and ever..
The truth, it’s..bit by bit..your lips open..taking this..

What I have..there for you..to enjoy..like you do..
From your kiss..you return..let’s me know..how you yearn..
Wanting more..like you do..that special kiss..is such bliss..

It’s your signal..tells me now..time for love..yes, above..
How I love it..you do to..from that kiss..me to you..
This I like..it’s this way..a special kiss..makes my day..

Go with it..you can do..take your time..do it, true..
This is something..for both, see..give a try..you just lead..
Show the way..she’ll love it too..take your time..break on through..

It’s the best..part of life..love to give..show it twice..
Nice I say..it’s OK..a special kiss..is this way..
Make it right..hey, don’t bite..take it slow..do her right..


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