Vic's Poem

A poem for you..I can do..the things you say..makes my day..Its your smile..your great style..the way you are..way by far..
Your always there..always care..I see it all..that’s my call..You make me grin..we all sin..then you you begin..
Its your plan..that you stand..its what you do..that is so grand..This I do..just for you..its all true..because its you..
A great friend..that you are..I think of you..from afar..The time we spend..years gone by..sometimes we laugh..sometimes we cry..

Its been fun..with you I say..your someone beautiful..that’s your way..The way you all you tell it all..I believe..
You are loved..because your there..the things you you care..A special lady..good inside..that is don't hide..
Your always there..that I see..the way you smile..I let be..Its your heart..where your love starts..that I feel..because its real..
You my friend..this I send..just for you..because its true..Time will tell..and will show..its how you do..I let you know..

True friends are special..I believe..this time of is easy..When all goodwill..comes out in us..your always front of us..
Thank you for..your friendship always tease..I love it dear..that’s who you are..way by far..always yourself..a shining star..
Thinking of you..I see each you care..and you share..Always lovely..deep inside..with that shell..hard outside..
You can bring it..straight up front..that who you are..they always jump..Peace and what you keep us don't skate..

Now I go..I have to say..just for you..I’m that way..A lovely lady..a true friend..loving not a sin..
I have to make my day..I do miss you..when your away..Its ok..its that way..the time were here..that we stay..
Working together..through the something special..and no fears..I want to tell I feel..Its your giving..that is real..
Now its time..for me to go..just for you..I wrote this so..Remembering what I keep me, bye bye..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My good friend Vicky, always beautiful and have worked together 25 years now..Like my sister..always love for her..a true friend..this is for you..God Bless..D

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