Something new..something sweet..for my friend..can’t be beat..
For all the good times..that we shared..through the year’s..showed we care..
Your soft smile..takes me there..the way you loved me..that is fair..
When I see you..standing there..ooh so lovely..I just stare..

It’s the look to me..your love and friendship..that I see..
Your soft voice..I can a my ear..
Your gentle touch..I like so much..a little kiss..that is bliss..
Just the look at me..make’s me shine..for you, you see..

This is you are..that takes me far..
It’s your ways..that make me say..I could love you..night and day..
It’s your style..that I file..loving you..a extra mile..
Never holding..back my love..just see it through..from above..

Loving, caring..always sharing..that’s my way..through life, I say..
Full of love..deep down inside..seeing never hides..
For love you see..for you and’s this way..I have to say..
From your kiss..I take this..your love to sip..from your lips..

From tasting you..from that kiss..I want you’re my score..
Dreaming of you..all the my mind..that I fine..
Having you..near to make me move..big, I see..
It’s all love..from me to’s who I’s how I do..

Through love and’s all your’s that way..
Life’s too short..make your day..make it right..go all the way..
Looking at my make it easy..for you to fine..
Thank you friend..for what you’s your friendship..I love to..

Something new..this I say..on this day..come, let’s play..
This is life..out of sight..don’t think’s alright..
Something new..that is you..this I’s for you..
You my friend..let’s and friendship..all over, again..

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