The time is near..for mother dear..for without wouldn't be here..
Love and you's the time..make her shine..
Her special day..I have to say..make that that way..
Make her smile..from the your love..that's the start..
Thanks, to mom's out there..your special day..make it your way...

For all you mom's..near and far..stay as you are..
Sweet and lovely..thats your way..its your love..night and day..
Through the bad times..and the good..unconditional understood..
Thank you for..all you do..this we say..we love you, too..
Its your love..that we know..its from the heart..and the soul..

A mother's somthing sweet..Like a flower..can't be beat..
Like the clouds..floating by..Like a the sky..
That is me, you see..A mother's love..will always be..
To see that smile..that, I file..She alway's goes..that extra mile..

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