Thirty years, Big Daddy Day, No Tears.

                    Thirty years, for Big Daddy today, all is well, no tears, say..

                    Yea, he’s doing his time, without crime, just getting it done, havin fun..

                    From the City, he came our way, found his home, in construction, and stayed..

                    Engineering services, he started out, made them all smile, that’s no doubt..

                    He moved on, with his song, came to Inspection, and got it on..

                    Always cared, about his work, very particular, his as-builts were..

                    A gentle heart, from the soul, to all the way up, big and bold..

                   He gets along, makes us all laugh, funny and serious, he’s a gas..

                   Here today, I want to say, he gets it done, his way..

                   First at work, an early starter, that’s how he is, takin care of bizs..

                   Well, thirty years, have come and gone, he’s still here, hanging on..

                   With a smile, and good cheer, now cut the cake, please, no tears..  

                   He goes to work, like he should, day after day, out of the hood..

                   Just keep going, always a thrill, thank you sir, Big Daddy Phil..


                     Dm  1/16/2017 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

keep it fun, then some.. Wink

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