Love Together, or Apart


Love together or apart, staying close, is the most..

Eye to eye, cheek to cheek, keeps us stong, hardly weak..

Love with passion, from the heart, makes it better, that’s the start..

Holding tight, like you like, makes it all, feel so right..

A little smile, maybe big, laughing together, there it is..

Keeping close, is the most, sometimes not easy, what we host..

Everyday, it’s this way, love together, keep on forever..

This special day, Valentines they say, keep it going, all the way..

Love is a feeling, from deep inside, keep it up, the brightside..

Being together, or apart, do your best, with love to cart..

Sharing is caring, like they say, be love be light, on your way..



Dm  2/14/2017 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

keep writing some, just get it done.. 

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