Hey You,


Souls loving poetry, turns you out, makes you smile, some cry no doubt..

Telling your tale, the way you feel, a positive, or negative, letting love spill..

A time or feeling, you have with you, a split second, a minute, maybe a hour to do..

Souls loving poetry, is that you, a new beginning, a time you once knew..

Keep jotting down words, till you like, is it quick like lighting, do you have all night..

Is it fresh, old, all from the soul, just get it out there, are you being bold..

Souls loving poetry, is that you, is it you, is it you, your not through..

From the heart, to the pen, or is it the finger tips, we wear thin..

Take that feeling, or is it a thought, keep putting it down, have you forgot..

A special time, and place for all, Souls loving poetry, just have a ball..

Dm 2/22/17
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A special day, it's that way, Souls loving poetry, are OK..

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