To Love You Down

To love you down, is what I do, I must give, my love to you..

What can I say, when I see you, my love for you, is so true..
I think of you, day and night, it is true love, my life is bright..
It is your eyes, smile for me, you have such beauty, that I see..
To see your face, and all of you, there is no other, to take your place..
I smell your hair, I see it there, you just make me, want to stare...
To love you down, I don't frown, I stay up, solid sound..
You know Im fair, Im into you, deep down inside, is love for you..
The love in me, I never hide, I let it go, I always show..
For you, what I have, and when Im through, you will be glad..
That's what I do, all for you, I give my love, and see it through..
I have to kiss, your lips so sweet, the taste of you, I must eat..
Your neck is soft, your hair so fine, Im into you, you will be mine..
To love you down, I kiss your breasts, your tenderness, I must confess..
Your nipples hard, erect for me, I suck you there, with such ease..
I kiss you more, than before, you have the sounds, it takes me down..
You are so sweet, can't let you go, you are my love, I love you so..
I feel your heat, so soft and wet, I taste you there, because I care..
You open up, for me to see, I hold it there, I believe..
While you seep, I drink from you, the love you show, I love so..
To see your face, and hear you sing, you dont hold back, you push and swing..
You let go, I set you free, the way you flow, all over me..
I lay you back, I dont slack, you open up, your buttercup..
I lay there, rub on you, I feel your heat, from inside too..
You feel so good, I can't resist, I take it slow, like you know..
I put it in, jus the tip, you feel it throb, my head jus bobbs..
With a si and breath, you take it all, we work up a sweat..
You take all, I have to give, you feel inside, say it's big..
I love you down, thats what I do, hold and kiss you, through and through..
The love you give, to me you see, is something that, will always be..
I give you all, I have to give, hard and slow, the way it is..
I look at you, and see it through, and tell you, I love you true..
You sing the song, of love for me, sounding sweet, as you set free..
I don't hold back, my love with you, I let it show, the way I do..
I'm at my peak, you feel it to, I let you see, my love for you..
I pull out, of you to see, I flow my love, jus like the sea..
All over you, thats what I do, you feel it hot, I cant stop..
For my love pours, all for you, from deep inside, yes it's true..

I have to have you, day and night, love you down, make it right..
For at this time, you are the kind, of love I need, it will be..
You and me, Im always sound, this is how, I love you down..    


Dm 10/14/2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This takes me back, I never slack.. Peace and love all.. 

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