Time with You

·    Time with you, I love it so, never want to, to let you go..

You’re in my heart, deep in my soul, my love for you, is so bold..

The words I say, every day, is so true, I love you..


My love for you, I have to give, that is just, the way it is..

I want to get, inside of you, this you know, is what I do..

I fill you up, with all my love, in your heart and soul, from above..


My love will pour, for you I see, this for you, you will agree..

To taste your lips, feel your breath, until I do, I won’t rest..

Once I get, inside of you, I won’t quit, until I’m through..


For now my love, I hold on tight, waiting that time, to make it right..

I thank the Lord, for sending you, in my life, it’s true..

For now my love, I will go, just remember, I love you so..

Dm, 9/6/2008



Author's Notes/Comments: 

From 2008, it made me straight, what a date..

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