Setting Pondering

Setting here, pondering some, which way to go, to get it done.. 

Truly thinking, I’m the one, who can make a different, then some..

Is it for good, maybe bad, either way, it will be had..

Feeling the dark, bring me light, deep inside, I feel a fight..

Let it be known, watching no doubt, it’s about you, let it out..

I want to tell you, let it begin, there’s always hope, also sin..

Looking down, all around, you’re in my mind, this I found..

Through the ages, a different time, long ago, there was a rhyme..

One I felt, all about you, you brought me here, now I do..

I set and ponder, you have game, this is one, a true life claim..

Go now, step aside, keep yourself open, never hide..

Be as one, who you are, let me see you, like you do..


Dm  10/12,2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Weekly Challenge.. Have fun, then some..;) 

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