You for me, I believe, what you do, I see

Believing you, trusting to, brings joy with laughter, it’s true

Sunshine bright, my true delight, soft fair, you care

Always there, touching each other, with you, you share, I swear

What can I say, you make my day, your beauty, keeps me high

Alive for me, you make it be, my everything, to succeed

Always holding, all of you, to the stars and back

Not letting go, holding tight, you I need, I like

Having you, all the way, day after day, I pray

You forever, in my mind, my soul brings me, to you

I can’t pull away, every day, I feel this way, it’s true

You my light, sunshine kite, lets fly away, make it right

Day and night, together tight, out of site, you like?

Take me with you, like you do, all the way, through and through

Wanting having, you for me, is everything, in life you see


David Mathis  8/23/2016                              


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Challenge poem of love.. Just because.. enjoy..

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