Who Cares..

Going here, also there, I’m for fun, and some sun..

To the beach, maybe a lake, take some sunblock, don’t bake..

Just to get there, traffic first, take some water, don’t thirst..

When we get there, I will relax, watching you, I love to do..


All this rhetoric, coming out, I’m sick and tired, that’s no doubt..

My head hurts, who do you believe, it’s all the same, do you agree..

Scared to fly, I see why, it’s uncertain, going high..

These here times, show us today, I’d rather work, than go and play..


All this news, what to do, I wish to go, my mind says no..

Sign of the times, this I feel, without love, blood spills..

Forget about it, what is said, take it easy, go to bed..

Hold each other, long and tight, stay forever, like you like..

Going here, sweet dear, maybe there, who cares..



Dm 7/26/16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A weekly Challenge, Serious lovers of Poetry.. Wink

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