Over the sky, it comes flying by

burning clouds, always high..
A burst of flames, striking through
when you look, your eyes burn too.
In your mind, what you find
a bird no way, you may say..
The Phoenix God, burning light
you feel the heat, when in sight..
An ancient creature, that never dies,
always flying, through the sky..
Is it evil, for the ones
a sign of bad, burning some..
Never landing, to the ground
a ball of fire, hot the sound..
Cracking calls, a sound of fright
breathing fire, sometimes at night..
Taking all, to overcome,
this bird of terror, is the one..
When in doubt, look up and say,
Where’s the Phoenix, flying today..
Is it gone, from this world
to reborn, flames of storm..
May it leave, it never will
alway to stay, bringing all chills..

David Mathis, 2016

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A Challenge piece, 

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