It’s peace we want, to have inside, around the world, so we don’t hide.. 

To see each other, in the light, feeling good, a life so bright..

Peace inside, hearts full, not a worry, as a rule..

For all mankind, everywhere, peace is needed, I swear..

Those blinded, that only know pain, I pray for peace, for them the same..

Pulling together, we can do, only if all, carry through..

Doing what’s right, not to fight, give and share, could be delight..

Peace a word, to understand, to hold on tight, make a stand..

P, for People, around the world

E, for Everyone, boys and girls

A, for All, we all stand tall

C, for Comfort, that’s my call

E, for Equal, that and more, we all can do it, just get to it..


 Dm 3/22/2015 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just think, only if there was peace for all..

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