For You, When I’m Through


When I’m gone, it will be, left up to you, to smile see..


To make it fun, it can be done, for you my legacy, this is the one..


For each of you, to have and do, play the instrument’s, I used to do..


To bring joy, happiness in hand, read my poems, when you can..




Remember the good times, that we shared, all the love, we gave and cared..


To make you the best, that you could be, that’s my legacy, for you from me..


Always helping, holding your hand, to stand tall, where you stand..


How I told you, to work hard, always hustle, at your job..




For it’s your time, to fly and do, get it done, moving on through..


What I leave you, from my heart, do your best, keep it smart..


Remember me, for helping see, one and all, let it be..


Now you stand, all alone, keep it great, drive it home..




Days come and go, I told you so, just stay strong, that I know..


Do the things, that you like, and be happy, in this life..


Carry on, write some songs, you can do it, right or wrong..


Keep it lite, I always did, remembering me, this is said..




Dm  2015




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Weekly Challenge" for Serious Lovers of Poetry.. Have fun, is the one..Smile

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