August time, summer end, another season, will soon begin..
Sunshine sun, burning bright, happiness, life..
Air share, burning senses, summer heat, defenses..
Change happens, feeling it, summer end, shadows begin..


Half pasted, moving fast, days ahead, light cast..
Dreams made, fill the head, moving on, like a song..
Glory felt, giving back, August, let it last..
Make it better, everyday, end of summer, is what they say..


Hold on tight, share some light, like you like, fly that kite..

High up high, hold it there, show you care, if you dare..
We all move on, right or wrong, belong, August..
Sail on and on, like you do, life, it's you..


Dm 2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another summer coming to a close.. have fun..

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