Walking Down the Street

My heart is like a metronome
the rhythm that it keeps
When I see you I feel it’s true
walking down the street..
In my mind it you I find
I can’t let it go
For it’s your smile it takes me higher
wanting you I know..
I can’t hold back I never do
I tell you this because it’s true
the way I feel when I see you
I’m crazy like a fool..
I precipitate downward hard and strong
feelings are felt is it wrong
to think of you like I do
to have you always I want to..
I want you see, you and me
not to sully but be free
To have each other all the time
In this life we both would shine..
All of you I want to
Walking down the street it’s true
Like that metronome pace my case
Loving you the way I do.. 


Dm copyrights 7-23-2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Weekly Challenge, Serious Lovers of Poetry site.. Have fun, then some, all you do, is get it done..

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