Down The Road

Down the road, what you choose, take it in, look again..

Is it right, is that you, what you’re looking for, you want more..

Is it kind, makes you feel right, is it happiness, does it bite..

Is it rocky, bumps for you, does it hurt, your toes too..


Down that road, we all go, living life, that we know..

Is it peace, deep inside, or just hurt, you want to hide..

It is choices, that we make, we all do, make mistakes..

We move on, like we must, fast or slow, leave dust..


Down that road, we grind it out, when its good, we shout no doubt..

When it’s bad, we get sad, let it go, move on so..

Take that turn, up ahead, around the corner, what is said..

Is this road, right for me, should I start over, let it be..


Down the road, of life we go, what we’ll get, we don’t know..

Today is good, it was planned, moving ahead, let’s make a stand..

For this is life, precious for all, do your best, that’s a call..

Down your road, as you grow, make it right, like you like..


DM  1/27/2015  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of you, I always do, I let you go, so you can grow..

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