Follow Your Heart


Kickin off the new year, January still, it’s almost over, oh well..

Middle of winter, it’s like this, mild and cold, still sunshine so..

The world outside, we all see, the good the bad, and ugly..

All the goodness, outweighs the bad, keep it strong, and be glad..


Do the right thing, you feel is best, be yourself, nothing less..

It’s not easy, life itself, just keep going, if nothing else..

Make it good, the best you can, be that women, or the man..

From the heart, where love starts, keep life grand, where you stand..


All year long, sing your song, counting your blessings, right or wrong..

For it’s you, the things you do, day to day, make life your way..

Don’t give up, never quit, it gets better, it’s like this..

Year after year, be sincere, follow your heart, from the start..


DM  copyright, 1-22-2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just keep writing, be yourself, have fun to, if nothing else..

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