Love Train

Welcome aboard the love train

sit back and relax as we move back in time

back when you were in love

reminess about your first kiss,your first time

memories of a place or time

feel the gentleness of a falling rain

as it drips from your window payne

the smell of honeysuckle on it`s vine

the taste of strawberry wine

fields of sage grass for miles around

in the back seat of your moms car

sitting at the drive in with your honey

on your arm

your arm around her neck

sliding down trying to un hook her bra

her acting as if she did`nt know

her hand sliding up your thigh

the bra finally gets un hooed your tongue in her ear

she grabs on to you, you explode inside

but be careful your in her moms ride

you lift her dress you come inside

sucking on her breasts rolling with the music

soft music on the radio

hurry up get on your clothes

no one must ever know...

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