Sinners Prayer

Peace in my heart

gentleness in my soul

these are things

i do not know.

My heart is growing cold

my body is growing old

i`ve only done what i was taught to do

i never took the time to talk to you.

But now i am older and wiser

i can see that time moves so fast

lord you know theres nothing i can

do about the past.

But lord if you will look down

on this old fool once again,and if

you will forgive me from my sin

i will try lord,i will try once again

you know lord i`ve always wanted you as a friend.

but i never invited you in,i never called you friend.

I have been down every dead end street

i`ve made every mistake a sinner could make

but i hope it`s not to late

so lord today, i have come home to stay

please father,don`t turn me away...

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