a poem with no name


a poem with no name

A Poem by wordman




You asked me if i loved you ! i said i did ,then you asked,
me how i knew, my answer surprised you .
i said you were the last thing on my mind,
every night when i went to bed.

i said you were the first thing on my mind
every morning when i awoke
after we make love at night,
i lie down beside you and dream of you
the rest of the night

when you`re in the sunlight i notice your shinny hair,
and when we touch i feel your soft skin
your eyes sparkle when you laugh,you have
a beautiful smile

when we touch,it drives me insane,
when we make love i make sure it feels great
to you,not just one sided like most men do
i worry about you when you`re away

i write poetry for you,most everyday
you keep me grounded in all  i do,
that`s how much that i love you,
then one day ,you told me good bye

you broke my heart,you made me cry,
they say men don`t cry,well that`s not true,
i cried a lot of tears over you
you turned your back,you walked away.

and i still don`t know why today,
maybe you found someone new; 
maybe it was just a game for you,
maybe you thought you was doing me a favor

years have gone by,some days,
i still cry thinking about you
you see my love was real
you just didn`t take the time
to really feel...

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Maybe she thought she was

Maybe she thought she was doing you both a favor? This is very sad, wordman. tugs at the heart Cry

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well that would just be one

well that would just be one sided,i guess no body ever talks

ron parrish