Something Beautiful Just Died



Something beautiful just died

as I stood by

and watched I cried


Was I right

or was I wrong

should I have let it go on

to see where maybe it would have gone


Would it have brought joy

or would it have brought pain

shall we try again

are you lonesome tonight

do you wonder if we were wrong or right


Do you wonder

what it would be like

if we were together tonight

do you still love me

I know that you do

and you know that I love you too


I could picture you by my side

as we traveled through time

holding hands,laughing,talking,making plans


But now it`s all gone,gone away

I wonder if it will come back another day

probably not but who can tell


And when it left it didn't say goodbye

it broke my heart ,it made me cry

should I come back shall we try again

or just say our goodbyes

and let it end...

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Heartfelt sentiments dear! Of

Heartfelt sentiments dear! Of course

well written


I couldn’t say goodbye 

my heart was full of tears 

Didn’t want you to see me cry

that was my only fear 


Although love is in my heart

And our time together was dear

Im afraid we’re better apart

but Ill treasure all our years 



No it wasnt anybody else you see

I just wanted to travel far and wide

I just wanted to be free 

A new place, find the other side 


Someday Ill come back your way

If you still want me let me know

Im sorry Is all that I can say 

I’m sorry that I had to go






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so , i guess we just did a

so , i guess we just did a duet


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So very sad when love dies.

So very sad when love dies. So much heart in these words

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thank you for the visit !

thank you for the visit !