Four Seasons of Love

Your love

is like the spring

as we move together

in a slow plane

And as our emotions arise

it`s like the summers heat

your love so soft,so sweet

you make my life complete

And as we cool down from loves heat

the fall breeze blowing through your beautiful brown hair

as we lie together in the bliss of the fall,with all it`s color

Then comes the winters wind

as we snuggle in our feather bed

with a warm fire glowing in the night

you are my love,you are my lite...


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Great Title   The fours

Great Title


The fours seasons of Love


Winter love


brings warm hugs and frozen toes

Time to share comforting hugs

While watching the winter snow

Tucked in a blanket warm as bug


Spring Love


Bring new life to our sex appeal

Kisses blossom like magical sparks

And our embraces have a excited feel

Always wonderful when it gets dark



Summer Love


brings heat to the naked flesh

Love wants to play out in the sun

Making love in a private pool is fresh

True love can ignite more fun


fall Love


Brings fragrances to ignite passion

playing in fallen leaves in the wind

Can never seen to be out of fashion

Can even even make a scarecrow grin




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you covered it well

you covered it well